Project Members: Miguel Benjamín Martínez Cámara


Emerging from the 90s' rave scene in Mexico City and the trance scene from the kate nineties and early years of the new millennium, The Wal of Sound delivers exquisite house, techno and tech-house from his current base in Playa del Carmen. Resident DJ at Prodigio in Mexico City and Soma in Playa del Carmen. 








Konfort Releases

Ofiuco (Forthcoming 

Other Releases

Crossfader (Independent, 2012) 

"Influenced by bands like Kraftwerk, Orbital, The Orb, FSOL and 808-State for few-mentioned, Mik-e started two years ago to put together his debut album - Crossfader-, which just put on sale in December 2012 through the site The inspiration to do it was the search for the basic structures of house and techno with their respective variants. "Explore and play with essentials" he says. "I did some things with breakbeat to include in another album in the future." For now only focused on manipulating and transforming fundamental concepts"

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