Project Members: Unidentified.

The Incognito Traveller is a project born out of a need to discover various new forms of creative expression. The mental voyage, the physical experience, the tactile sensation are conceptual departure points for musical exploration. The Incognito Traveller really has no stable base and its pool of contributing musicians and co-producers is rather large. Since 2003 the project has been active, culminating in a 7 track EP, out on Discos Konfort (Mexico) in 2007. Malcolm Aiken ( has been of great importance to kick off the project and his brilliant trumpet gave the EP a sparkling glow; Antonia Issa’s voice graces the EP’s most recognizable song. Over the three following years The Incognito Traveller has been playing in Europe and in Mexico, preparing the conceptual bases for the new album. Co-produced with César Juárez-Joyner (Ready Made Soundsystem, Silentbeats) and a slew of contributing musicians, Ravine took shape in 2009/2010. Where the EP explores a warm summer night’s trip through the Mediterranean, Ravine inquisitively explores various inner unmapped territories of the human mind.

The Incognito Traveller is all about exploring, discovering and curiously browsing through our world’s details. The vastly different set of textures and soundscapes may be warm, dark, or odd, but they indeed fully reflect and amplify our everyday experience. The project’s resulting musical output follows that conceptual pathway and, through its development, the sound can be very different, depending on the facet that is being explored.

The Incognito Traveller is a multifaceted artistic / musical project with no stable base and no stable identity. The Incognito Traveller is no-one and everyone; The Incognito Traveller is everywhere; The Incognito Traveller is each one of us. The Incognito Traveller is externally chaotic, uncontrollable and, at the same time, absolutely introverted. Every human being travels from point a to point b; every day, every instant, human beings travel. Each one has a reason for being, travelling, existing, moving; each one is a human being with emotions, memories, necessities, passions. Each one is an individual. Each one will see other human beings travelling and never know their reason for being, moving, travelling - each human will never know anything about all other travellers. All other travellers are, and will forever remain, anonymous and obscure. Everyone is the viewer, everyone is the anonymous and obscure. Everyone has an identity, everyone is unidentified.


The Incognito Traveller. The Incognito Traveller EP, 2004
The Incognito Traveller, Ravine, 2010


The Dinning Rooms, Versioni Particolari, Vol. 2, Schema IT 2006
The Incognito Traveller. Mediterranean Moonrise, Indie Alliance MX