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Project Members: Peter Warner, Hans Warner, Israel Sosa (Pepster)

Rosco is a group composed by Peter Warner, Hans Warner and Israel Sosa aka Pepster. Musicians with a long career experience in different musical projects led by a common pleasure – to make music – they work together since 2001. Without thinking in perform or produce with some company, their work just stayed among the walls of their studio. At the beginning of 2003, they start to perform informally as a band under the name Sonido Vakero. Unhappy with the result, they embark on a quest looking for the balance in their contrasting personal influences (local and foreign), achieving a crossover of the three musicians. The outcome is a sound combination broken by the scratch and breaks got from their deep hip-hop influences. We can also include the fondness for the down tempo, the 4/4 bases, the multiple elements and the wide range of percussion rhythms, generating a mixture of textures and tastes that bring together the traditional and electronic part. Melancholic, energetic and sometimes deep are the words that best describe their eclectic work.


     V/A Konfort Latino America 2009