Artist : Androide

Release Date: December 2005
Format: CD
We must say it calmly: Androide, trio settled down in the border city of Juárez contributes clearly with a complementary and pleasant decompilation element in the Konfort community. His carefully produced songs are easily understood since the very first moment of being heard. I must highlight: the intelligence is proved to be present in all the Androide’s records, but specially in Prazer, his new production. But this last mentioned intelligence is found in his naturalness, in how quick and how easy we identify his music, without troubles, and with forcefulness. We can call all this POP (in the best sense of the word, a term that we must recover and remove the bastardized mask from it given by the mass media, in order to mislead it with the productions made by Thalía, Paulina Rubio and other talking puppets. This Androide’s album feed itself with jazz, ballad and rock but is in definitive electronic. And it is included without problems in the Konfort community catalogue to enrich it. This album enlarges the Mexican panorama with its surprises and adds a new proposal to face the world. Once again the Mexican border (but now coming from Chihuahua in front of El Paso) bringing news that make figure Mexico once again in the orbital music scene.

File under: Electronica/Rock
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01. En el amor Listen
02. Esperanza Listen
03. Naigu Listen
04. Luz Listen
05. Eclipse Listen
06. Elektron Listen
07. Rhinoceros Listen
08. Jouet Listen
09. Futuro Brillante Listen
10. Marte Listen
11. Eco Listen