Artist: Metamann
Release Date
: June, 2013
Format: Digital Release
Chilenan producer
Christian Ziehlmann aka Metamann returns to Discos Konfort's catalogue with a new collection of hard pounding beats and catchy melodies that once again take the listener by the ears, the feet and the heart. A must for any DJ 

File under: Techno House

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01. 2 Mad Girls in NuYork [Listen]

02. Are you ready? [Listen]

03. Groovieland [Listen]

04. Near to Disaster [Listen]

05. Pachanga de Salón [Listen]

06. Dunas V.2 [Listen]

07. Beauty [Listen]

08. Mekanik [Listen]

09. No Return [Listen]

10. No Turning Back [Listen]

11. Mekanik (B) [Listen]

12. Mekanik (Remix) [Listen]