This April 23rd, Emmerichk released his latest album of chilly minimal techno grooves on the German netlabel Tropic. It is called ¨Periodic Waveforms¨and can be streamed now on the netlabel´s Bandcamp page, where it will also be available for downloaded for just a few Euros for the first couple of weeks. Afterwards, ti would be available for free download. The album is licensed under Creative Commons license.

Today April 15, we celebrate the birthday of one of our most widely recognized artists, Emmerichk Esquivel presenting you his latest release, Capernaum, out now on the Impar netlabel in Chile.

According to the Impar description, Capernaum contains 6 tracks full of "plenty of crispy rhythms and warm atmospheres  wich make us fly over a world of digital errors and soft noisy-ambiences. A deep dub-electronica with subsonic bass lines  that make us sink into a delicious resonant-cadence."

Mexican label Blaq Records will release this April 18th Sleaze Machine the latest EP from Guatemalan producer based in Barcelona Sishi Rösch, featuring remixes by Blaq label owner Soundspace, Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause, and Konfort's Rubinskee.The EP has already gotten rave reviews on URB and AAA, who writes, about Rubinskee: "this amazing young Mexican producer is putting out some of the freshest sounds in the city, look out for his upcoming EP on Blaq very soon, it will for sure blow your mind".

Ombligo Records has just uploaded for free download a chill out remix of Guajira's self-titled track by Mexican groovemasters Señor Mandril. Get it now while you can! And chill!

The original track is available on Guajira's debut album Aguardiente. Formed on Christmas 2009 after an impromptu studio jam, Guajira features Signal Deluxe's Jerga and Valeria as well as Monopolar and Razz of Pantamuzik. Together they've concocted a hybrid of electronica, Latin music, and guitar psychedelia that combines the forward thinking elements of techno music with the grittiness of an alternative rock band.

Yuniper is Hector Zarate's new project along with guitarist Ricardo Falcon. Everything started a year ago during a programming languages course.
now, they record every Sunday, and mix on Fridays. They love tacos.

I've Had Great Deal of Trouble to Find You by yuniper

He loves restaurants. He hates restaurants. He eats like 5 or 6 times a day. He eats once a day. He loves waking up in strange places. He hates waking up in strange places. His favorite interval is fifths and seventh. His favorite interval is sixth minor. He hates 80's. He loves 80's. He falls in love frequently.
He doesn't fall in love frequently. He wakes up at 6am. He stays up until 6am.

The First Time We Took the Bus by yuniper

They like beer. They don't like school too much. It's not a very creativity-challenging activity. They have two guitars, both the same model. He uses Mac. He uses PC. They drink whiskey. Pinkie's up. :)

Mechanically Separated Chicken by yuniper

Composition and recording sessions are finished. Now mixing. Ready to kick some asses on Spring '11.

Recorded live on Konfort First Virtual Showcase at Grita Radio, here is an exclusive deep house live set from Rubinskee! Check it out, since it features some brand new tracks unavailable anywhere else!

And just in case you thought that was not enough, here comes Silent Beat with an all new live dub set, exploring the depths of bass in traditional Mexican music. Jamaica and Mexico meet in this spellbinding set!

drxl live

On saturday February 5th, 2011, Discos Konfort took part of this year's "Ácido al Parque?" festival at Mexico City's Parque España, at the heart of the Condesa neighborhood. Besides having a stand with our latest physical releases, drxl played a stunning 2-step and drum and bass set. You can see the pictures now at our Flickr.

Konfort Stand at the 2011 "Ácido al Parque?" festivaldrxl live