Project Members: Julio de la Garza

Since 2001, Ghaia has released several singles on different labels around the globe (México , Germany and Japan). With sounds inspired by 80´s and 90´s dance music and videogame soundtracks,  Ghaia has lately been making a disco-house style very appropiate for the dancefloor. On 2003, one of his tracks appeared on the Manos Arriba compilation CD from German label "Bungalow", alongside other important Mexican electronic musicians, like Nortec Collective. On 2004 Ghaia was included on the  "Radio Escalator" CD compilation made by Japanese Dj Masashi Naka, featuring artists and music producers from Japan, USA and Europe. The single “Milk” appeared on the top charts at “DJ MAGAZINE” on July 2006 issue. That same single was included on the WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE 2006 sampler CD, and  on the  third volume of the ¿Cuál es tu Rock? compilation of Mexican indie singles.
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       V/A. Maximas Texturas 010, 2004
       Ghaia. Wireworks, 2009


       V/A, Emergente, CD, Suave, MX, 2002.
       V/A. Manos Arrriba, CD, Bungalow, DE, 2003.
       V/A. Radio Escalator, CD,JP, 2004.
       V/A. ¿Cuál es tu Rock? Vol.3, CD, EMI, MX, 2006.
       Ghaia. Metropolis, CD, Circle of Trust, MX, 2009