Gelido Photo

Project Members: José Rendón

Gélido (a.K.a. Decolab, Flux, Dkonstruct, Flux & Vega) started into music by taking private drum lessons at 15. From then, he moves on to other instruments, like guitar and piano. In 1995, he enrolls in a course on the foundations of film music at the Mexican National Center for the Arts, taught by Master musician Arturo Brenan. In 2006 he enrolls in the Music Film Workshop at the Casa Del Lago UNAM, taught by Master musician Rodrigo Flores López, at the same time he enrolls in a Master Certificate in Theory, Harmony & Ear Training at Berklee College of Music, which he finished on March of 2008.

His style is full of fusions and deconstructions of a very wide range of music genres, He is driven to move things out from their original context to create interesting collisions of rhythm, harmony and sound textures creating a continuous reinvention of himself. In his own words:

"I hate to be stuck in one genre, I have to break out to expand my musical universe"élido




V/A. Maximas Texturas 002, 2001
V/A. Maximas Texturas 004, 2002
Flux and Vega. Believe EP, 2003
V/A. Urbe Probeta, 2003
V/A. Maximas Texturas 010, 2004
V/A. The Now Sound of Mexico, 2004
V/A. 5.0 Electrónica Mexicana Contemporánea, 2008
V/A. KLA (Konfort LatinAmerica), 2009
Sr. Mandril. Cinema Mandril , CD, Konfort Records, MX, 2013




S.I.N. Gélido Azul, CD, Sony music México, MX, 1994
V/A. Electro.MX, CD, Binaria / Opción Sónica, MX, 1999
V/A. Toltécnica Radical, CD, Opción Sónica, MX, 2000
V/A. The Secret Sound Of LA, CD, P&P Producciones, MX, 2001
V/A. México Sessions, CD, Bons Records, MX, 2003
V/A. Toltécnica 2004, CD, Arteria Records, MX, 2004
V/A. Noches de Verano , Net Release, Filtro Net Label, MX, 2005
Sr. Mandril. Lover Single , CD, Three Sixty Records, CA, 2006
V/A, Mixedtape 26, Net Release, Mercedes Benz, DE, 2009