Project Members
: Manu Esquivel, Leo Lopez

Androide is an electronic music duo consisting of musicians Manu Esquivel and Leo Lopez. Androide is conceived as a musical project in which any musical idea can be accomplished at the expense of electronis. Kitch, pop, breaks and post rock are blended with classic rock roots through programmed beats and synthesisers.

Androide has released 3 LP´s, Normal in 2001, Panacea in 2003, and Prazer in 2005. Androide´s music is featured in "Historia Del Desierto" Celia Galan Julve, a film that was nominated for the Palme d'Or from the Cannes International Film Festival. Androide´s music has also appeared in other compilation albums such as UK´s Tequila Cuervo’s alongside the Pinkertones. The Spanish album "Electronic Latin Freaks" by Subterfuge Records alongside Kinky, Titan, Capri and Fusible; and "The Now Sound of Mexico" released by the Canadian label King Groove Records, featuring Fase, Terrestre and Wakal. Androide also opens Máximas Texturas 010, an album released by Discos Konfort, which received the Quartz Awards Best Compilation Album award in 2004 in France. Finally, after a long hiatus, Androide is back with an EP, Soft Monster.

Manu and Leo are responsible for the studio production and foor live shows, they experiment with different lineups, guest musicians and equipment, in order to make each experience unique.


Androide. Prazer, 2005
Androide. Soft Monster, 2013


Androide. Normal, Independent, 2001
Androide. Panacea, Independent, 2003
V/A. Electronic Latin Freaks, Subterfuge Records (Spain), 2004
V/A. Cuervo de Mayo (UK), 2005